We perform CPR on dying or worn out churches

A staggering 93% of churches in the U.S. are NOT growing…is that your church? 

One of the biggest contributors to stagnant churches is a stagnant leadership team.  Pastors can succumb to the lie that shepherding your own church body means neglecting your own personal health & wellness.

However, the Christ-centered, Spirit-led leader is called to be an amazing STEWARD of their body, soul, and spirit.  That’s where Coronary Leadership shines.

We provide coaching and resources to help renew, refocus and re-energize you and your leadership team.

Does Your Church Growth match your Church Mission

  • Is your church staff fatigued or misaligned?
  • Are your members restless or uninterested in your church’s mission?
  • Is there a battle royale between your staff and elders/deacons?